Every one of our glass, encaustic or ceramic tiles can be color customized to best fit your project. We also offer free design consulting for our clients.

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Glass Tile GL 47

The essence of our Mosaic Glass Tile Collection is the fusion of the Italian techniques-heritage from the great Murano masters that participated in the company’s creation and the sensitivity of the fine Mexican Artisans. The final product has the brilliance of fine glass, the glitter of native colors and the spirit of the Mexican soul.

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Size: 3/4 x 3/4 in., 2 x 2 in.

Testing performed by the Tile Council of North America Labs.

Water Absorption Test UNE-EN-ISO 10545-3 Result None

Thermal Shock Resistant UNE-EN-ISO 10545-9 Result Resistant

Resistant to Chemical Agent UNE-EN-ISO 10545-13 Result Resistant

Frost Resistant UNE-EN-ISO12 Result Resistant

Resistance to Color Fading DIN-ANTISLIP Result Resistant


The fusion of Byzantine Smalti and Mexican raw materials creates a mosaic tile with a smooth finish, translucent colors and iridescent hues, quality and high performance underwater, which makes it ideal for floors, swimming pools, spas, bathrooms, walls and wet areas. Artists and designers may choose from a pallete of over 500 rich shades with veins of color, as well as iridescent, translucent, matte, white, yellow and copper gold presentations that transform the material into a unique piece of work and open up a world of possibilities.

A blend of rich color tones, natural textures and aquatic effects creates visual beauty and refreshing sensations. We offer free design consultation to our clients.

The glass tile colors shown on the computer may differ slightly from those of the actual tiles, they should be considered only as a guide. Tonal variations and veining in some of our products within the tiles in a sheet can be expected. This add to the overall rich quality of the glass mosaics.

Due to the translucent nature of some of our products, the color choice of the bonding material will impact the ultimate look of the glass. We recommend back buttering with white cement to maintain its transparent nature and color. For final grouting a combining color or contrasting tone is recommended. Glass mosaics are paper face mounted adhered with a water soluble glue. Install with paper side up

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Dimensions 1.905 x 1.905 x 0.9525 cm
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